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Black is the new black.
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HOWTOs and FAQs -> Guide to creation and layout

Post by zorruno » Fri May 25, 2007 3:18 pm

HowTos and FAQs
This section is designed to be a place where all the useful things people have posted can be collated, including people who write useful 'Howtos' with photos, links to other useful Howtos on the internet, and lists of Frequently asked questions, with answers on the MX-5.

How you can help:
1. Write a Howto or a FAQ. You can write it directly in one of those forums. Please start the subject as HOWTO: or FAQ: and put a good description.
2. Find howtos or FAQs about certain topics on the internet and link to them in this section.
3. If you have already written a howto or a FAQ somewhere else on the internet, or already in the forum (including in the Archives of the old NZ Club List), you can link to it in this forum, or ask the Admin (zorruno) to move it across by sending him a PM.
4. If there is a howto or FAQ already posted, feel free to reply to it in the thread, with more useful information (or more links), or to correct any errors/misinformation.

PLEASE DO NOT blatantly copy other people's Howtos of FAQs on the internet. If there are good ones out there, provide links and also credit the authors where known.

This forum will be managed by GrubbyMX & Poison with help from Miatamad and Zorruno. Feel free to post anything useful you like in this forum, but it will be strictly tidied and modified to keep it standard and easy to read.

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