1 year later, problem ND owners?

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Hey. They are NOT Training wheels.
Hey.  They are NOT Training wheels.
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1 year later, problem ND owners?

Post by Thazes » Fri May 22, 2020 7:42 pm

I see some youtubers talking about some sounds they don't like, some RF owners debating on the sound from the air with the top down...

Sorry if a thread has already been made, but anxiously awaiting my first ever Miata I am curious of anyones experience with the ND, soft and hard top.

And with any annoyances or complaints, solutions?

Should I expect to have to fix a rearview mirror that shakes at 80mph...is air or sound leaking through the hard top because of some common lining problem? I also wonder about the sound system, as I had the mazda 3 with the 9 bose speakers, being a smaller car yet those headrest speakers, is it just good, or great?

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