MX5Mania intake

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MX5Mania intake

Post by DBM58 » Thu Feb 05, 2004 4:23 pm

I have fitted a similar unit from Loch Stewart (
My opinion is that if I drove a car that had one, and mine did not, then I would want one, as soon as I could. A relatively in-expensive way for a bit more fun at higher revs.
I am in Auckland, you are more than welcome to come and have a go if you like.

David Moughtin

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I also have the Loch kit, which is pretty similar, except that it is 3" through the firewall, and has the same diameter through the unit - ie.. it gradually narrows from the filter to the 3" end point, rather than a section sloping up at a steeper gradient.

Whetever - too hard to explain. It's a bit bigger as the end result.

The gain however, feels like 15% more at the seat of the pants. It's not (I've read figures of ~5%, which is probably true) - the extra 10% can be attributed to the fantastic noise under load (does not drone like a big exhaust - only loud when you acclerate - the harder you put your foot down, the loader it goes) and the fact that it opens up the top end.

Best $275 I ever spent. Do it and the 14Deg BTDC at the same time and you have a new car.

Cheers - Mike

Matt & Sarah Avery

MX5Mania intake

Post by Matt & Sarah Avery » Thu Feb 05, 2004 9:11 pm

I've had a Loch Stewart intake in the past (his older style one though)
and totally agree that they are money well spent. I recommend them and
any other kits of similar design (like the Mx5mania one).


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