ACon belt & Top - was Rainex

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ACon belt & Top - was Rainex

Post by ghead » Wed Dec 31, 2003 12:26 pm

Hey Michelle, the aircon problem would probably be the belt that goes from your
engine to the aircon compressor. The belt could be aged or loose. As the aircon
is turned on, the belt slips, making the noise. Old belts tend to squeek a bit
as well. Try tightening it, or get it replaced.

Are you getting leaks thru the actual material on your top? The top should be
waterproof anyway & not need a waterproof dressing. Any water that does get in
is usually from blocked drains or where the top meets the rest of the car at the
windows & windscreen header. Armourall or similar works fine on the top to make
it look good, but wont waterproof it.

If you do need an actual waterproofer for the top, try a camping or outdoors
store who should have a waterproofing spray for tents or tramping boots.


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When I turned on my air conditioning it to made a loud screeching,
quickly turned it off, Would anyone know what would cause that?
and what do people spray their tops (car tops) with to help keep the
rain out on a top up week?
Thank you.

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Tentative sideways sliding....
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ACon belt & Top - was Rainex

Post by michele » Wed Dec 31, 2003 12:57 pm

Thanks Greame, Of all times to pull the garage down to build a new one. The
water is coming in a bit at the side, and I have ended up with a wet butt, but
when it gets water logged it tends to soak through a bit and it drips from the
middle, can't find any holes at all.

I hope everyone has a safe new year.
Keep Smiling


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