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Reinaldo Morilha


Post by Reinaldo Morilha » Thu Dec 09, 2004 11:12 am


I have just registered my email into the group and for sure one of my main
motivations was the very good quality of your web site.
Last March we have created in Brazil the "Miata Brasil" which includes an
email group and a website ( ... sorry English version coming
We have around 45 registered emails which includes around 30 Miata owners.
The local manpower for servicing the cars is cheap but the parts are very

Congratulations again for the Web site and I hope we can exchange tips and
experiences for the coming future!


Reinaldo Morilha



Post by r.v.boxall » Thu Dec 09, 2004 4:54 pm


Welcome to the MX5 List, I bought my MX 5 and joined the list a few weeks ago. I'm no expert on the MX 5, but I enjoy reading all the trivia, and the occasional valuable advice! You will see from the correspondence on number plates that there's a general dislike of the national speed limit here, which is 100kph. The real trouble is that even on the main state highways, they are so badly surfaced and aligned that you can only exceed the limit for short periods. That's where our police put their speed traps, and drivers get angry. There are many sections of road that have regular fatal accidents, but the police do not check speed on them.

My main enjoyment with the MX 5 is driving at 80 k's, in the sunshine, with the top down, on our local country roads. Most people in NZ live in four small cities, the biggets has 1.5 million, and they think that they have high population density, and have heavy traffic!

Having spent many years in the Middle East, I know how nice it is to have $10 per hour labour rates, but we also had cheap spares as well, mostly from the USA, and no real import controls. Repair quality was bad, mainly to get the car running by the easiest way!


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