identifying what you have - Japanese modified cars...

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identifying what you have - Japanese modified cars...

Post by poison » Wed Dec 01, 2004 8:48 pm

Be a little wary about all these accessorised cars in Japan, after visiting
Japan a couple of times and attending some 'un-official' night street races,
plus watching a few videos I have been fairly well put of buying any type of
'souped up' Japanese car. I used to think they have low mileage and will be
OK, but these guys give cars utter death like I would never have thought
possible. Part of being Japanese is always going over the top with everything,
so when these guys spend big money on their cars, they thrash them big time
too. Pride is everything and so is winning at all costs including killing the
car, sometimes I think the Kamikaze thing is in the blood.

The street races are really exciting and well worth seeing but insane, they
are usually in the middle of a normal residential/commercial area at night,
but still these can be surprisingly busy roads too. They just drift or speed
race round a given circuit and weave in and out of Joe public (wrong place and
wrong time) and red lights mean nothing during the race, but the public seem
to know what's going on (probably from the huge crowd around all the corners).
The police are quite ineffective in today's Japan as they struggle to cope
with the 'modern youth' and will sometimes ignore things and just hope they go
away (another Japanese trait).

We were at one smaller race gathering and these guys were hooning around a
little recreational park on their bikes and someone called the police. All up
there were about 100 people milling around while some guys were racing, two
very very old policemen turned up in their rather little police car and got
totally ignored and then left. To me the gaijin, these guys on the bikes were
just a bunch of comically dressed teenagers on odd-style motorbikes and looked
like they couldn't hurt a fly, but my Japanese friends assured me they were
quite scary.

Put it this way, all the bad things we all did to cars as teenagers is nothing
compared to what the Japanese will do to theirs.

:twisted: Gazda in the white HOT Mazda :twisted:


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