STATE Insurance, an equal opportunity employer... of the STU

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STATE Insurance, an equal opportunity employer... of the STU

Post by poison » Mon Nov 29, 2004 6:35 pm

I had a bad nights sleep last night thanks to State Insurance. I opened a
letter from them last night stating I had to provide my insurance company
details as I had to pay for an accident at St Lukes on the 18th of December
with some Chinese woman. No other information, nothing about time of day or
even the car I was supposed to be driving, or the nature of the crash, just
dear (me), you were involved in an accident etc etc...

This had me worried as I had not been in any accident and had not even been to
St Lukes anywhere near this date. So UI thought some f***er had crashed their
car and given my name, and could envisage the fun trying to prove it wasn't me
and some Chinese lady then saying "yes it was him"...

So first thing I rang them and after the normal 12 minutes on hold I got a
very helpful lad who was at least willing to discuss it. After much discussion
it transpires, that the Chinese ladies car was being driven by another Chinese
person they can't contact to ask any questions, and my car was being driven by
some woman. I asked about the number plate and they said it was PO1SON, silver
Eunos (mine), but I was at work that day and the car was at home minus the
radiator hoses... so how can that be?

It seems the number given from the accident was a UB??? number, which was my
car rego 7-8 years ago, so they looked it up and decided it was my car now.
Not noticing that since then it was a personalised plate, then a normal one
CAD331 then when I bought it changed to PO1SON. But still they insisted it was
my car. F***ing idiots. They can't even contact the person who had the
accident but after much more discussion they finally admitted all they had was
a number plate and the person did not speak English "so there may possibly
have been an error in the number" and "may not have been a Mazda Eunos at
all". My reply "No sh**!!!, I think a two year old would have had the brains
to check that one a bit further before sending out a letter claiming damages"
at least in the States I could have sued them for stress.

It may be sorted but no doubt they will f*** this up more and send me another
demand or two before they sort it out.

Angry Gazza
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STATE Insurance, an equal opportunity employer... of the STU

Post by EricW » Mon Nov 29, 2004 9:35 pm

It seems that not much changes. About 25 years ago, while I was still a cop,
my father got knocked of a little Honda 50, which he and I shared as a
"carless days" getaround, by some plonker who went through red light. Within
two days State had been in contact by mail to advise my father that they were
holding him responsible and if he did not admit liability within a set period
they would sue. This period was somewhat less than 24 hours after the letter
was posted. Their contention was that the old man had run the red light. As it
happened, I attended the accident with about three other colleagues, had an
admission from the other driver and had thoroughly checked the lights.

Having discusssed the matter with State on the phone, and got nowhere, I
fronted up, in full T/O regalia, with my helmet under my arm, and suddenly it
was all a mistake.

It seems that they still work on the basis of intimidation to get the result
they require.




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