Stolen car (off topic)

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Need, more, 5-ing, time....
Need, more, 5-ing, time....
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Stolen car (off topic)

Post by joanie » Thu Nov 25, 2004 12:38 pm

Whoops first posting had pic attached may have made file to big for list
trying again without pic
Off topic but as car enthusiasts I am sure you will indulge..
AK folk especially ---- please keep your eyes & ears peeled.
Joan H

Subject: stolen Alfa Romeo Alfasud ti race car (1982)

Hi all,

I would really appreciate if you can keep a look out for my missing
alfa... maybe abandoned in your neighbourhood. Distinguishing features
are Red paint with white stripes and alfa romeo in white writing - also
an Alfa Romeo symbol on roof of car, Racing mods... including roll cage,
Momo race seat and steering wheel, single wiper, side exhaust (somewhat
loud), air inlets where inner headlights normally go etc.

Stolen from my garage on Tuesday, 23rd Nov and last seen in Netwon area
(New North Road, heading up toward Symonds Street) between 12 noon and
1pm (23rd). Reg_plate=KR555.

Picture of car attached.
Was wearing different mags than in this photo.

Please contact me if you have any info.

Best Regards
Lex Jenner
Mobile: +64 21 979 906


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