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Yes. I might just know (Trusted Advisor)
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New Alarm advice

Post by Growler » Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:50 am

The alarm in my car is around 20 years old and now has stopped working, so its time for a new one. (The car is an NA)
What I want is the usual alarm features (Immobilizer etc.) but now want to add GPS. The alarm I have also chirps 4 times if someone walks close to it (A feature I want to keep), and it has to integrate to the central locking I fitted at the same time.
Can anyone recommend a good alarm with those features?

My second issue is that I don't want to leave the car anywhere for it to be fitted. Does anyone here have the necessary skills to fit them?
I'm happy to help out and offer a cash job etc.

Yes. I might just know (Trusted Advisor)
Yes. I might just know (Trusted Advisor)
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Post by Growler » Wed Nov 18, 2015 1:33 pm


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Post by zorruno » Wed Nov 18, 2015 4:35 pm

Hi G... I can provide advice if you wanted to fit it yourself (on the spot, on the phone if needed!) No time to help with the install though these days sorry.

A self installed alarm is always more secure as you can spend time routing cables out of the way. And you don't have dodgy alarm installers ripping out your cabling and knowing where your alarm bits are :)

Trademe actually have good branded 4 & 5 star systems such as AVS, but there are others around if you want to pay less that would probably do the job. If you need to tick an insurance box you are supposed to have 'installed by approved installer', but I'm guessing that is not your primary motive (I have PISG license - I could probably certify it one day if really needed).

I'd keep the GPS system separate, there is really no need to get a GPS and alarm combined (see below)

Some things I have in mine that you could look for - I imported my alarm years ago... costs seem to have reduced somewhat!:

* code-hopping remote (almost all will have this)
* Built in relays for door solenoids (easier install)
* Built in relays for park flash etc (easier install)
* 2+ methods of start immobiliser
* 2 stage shock sensor (prefer not built in so you can mount in best place)
* 2 stage Glass break mic and sensor (built in or seperate modules available)
* 2 stage microwave proximity sensor (again prefer built in and mount in centre of car. If you have already... you could reuse it)
* window wind up (you will likely need a separate module for this). Not relevant on MX5... but I recommend also folding in the wing mirrors on arm if they are already automated.
* internal siren (although you can add one later... much harder to steal a car with your head vibrating from high pitched screaming). Two for better headache effect.
* battery backup (make up your own if it doesn't come with something)
* battery backed/all in one siren (at least if they cut everything... the external siren will still scream for a while... until they use a hammer)
* Extra output for boot release (need a boot solenoid if you don't have one)
* Extra extra output for something... eg remote headlight wink, or firing roof mounted lasers
* valet mode of some sort (nothing like giving your car to someone who doesn't know how to operate your alarm)
* hijacking mode(s)... fun, although not really needed in NZ! Mine has a hidden switch that needs a specific press pattern within 20 seconds of starting car. (hence valet switch mandatory...)
* Roof slash detector (ok, this is fictional...I never found a way to do this easily...)
* all black cabling is common nowadays... I replaced all mine which were coloured. Not really needed if you route the cabling well enough but is part of the star rating system requirements.
* remote start... don't do it. I looked at ways of doing this safely on a manual (ie neutral switch). People may die.

Re GPS, this is pretty easy and cheap. For simple GPS tracking and geofencing:
- look for a TK102/3 or similar GPS module - I have bought them for <$40
- Get a prepay SIM (~$20/year with no use)
- Install it hidden under dash or similar - a place where it has minimal metal etc above it to the sky. Power it permanently, they usually have a battery so will still last a while if the car battery disconnected.
- You program these up by sending formatted text messages to them... but there are android apps (eg Austral GPS) that simplify it all.
- These don't do full two way data tracking, but will do things like automatically send text messages if outside a GPS geo-fence, and you can text it to see where it is. It will send location/speed/google maps link.

Additional/higher cost GPS units:
- some modules have outputs you can send commands to eg to disable the ignition (I'd suggest giving some warning first...). One innovative person I have seen wired it to the car's heated seats and over-rode the thermostat...
- some have inputs that will take eg alarm signal and send you a text if it is activated
- Some have GPS connectors for extension aerials... could place higher up I guess
- some do full GPRS/3G so will transmit complete mapping information. Haven't really played with these, but I'm pretty sure there are website you can subscribe to that will take the info live and map it for you etc.
- FYI Commercial companies like E-Road will do it all for you with cloud based software for about $40-$50/month

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Post by Angreal » Tue Nov 24, 2015 4:53 pm

Wow I loved that answer. The car alarm I had died on me

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Post by SLYDIT » Mon Nov 30, 2015 9:44 pm

dont bother with an "alarm"

get a GPS tracker such as the TK103B and have it installed PROPERLY and hidden properly.

it will text you an alert within 5 seconds of an activation and tell you where the car is. you can ring it anytime and it will text you back its location with a google maps link.
you can disable the car with a text or get it to sound a horn as the guy did in the below video which allowed the cops to enter the property with cause and get the S.O.B

even better make sure the tracker has NO siren...that way the thief wont know they are being monitored. you can even get versions which have a camera that you can hide in the dash etc
theres NOTHING like knowing exactly where your is at all times even if does get least its not lost...

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