Minor changes - FAQs, Garage, and a couple of others...

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Minor changes - FAQs, Garage, and a couple of others...

Post by zorruno » Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:09 pm

Hi all, just some minor tidy ups...

- I've rewritten the MX5 Forum FAQ page. It now has info on the Classifieds section, the Garage and a few other bits and pieces. It is also now linked from ALL menus at the top, so you can always find it. It should answer most of your questions about the site now, and if there is something else you can suggest for there, please let me know.

- I've added a new FAQ to the HowTOs and FAQs forum called MX-5 History, Model Details, & Newbie Info. There is nothing in there at the moment, but is designed to be a repository for all basic info on the MX-5 such as where to find details on models, colours, years, history etc. If someone wants to start adding to it, please do so.

- I've made some minor changes to the Garage so it now mainly talks about 'MX-5s' rather than 'vehicles'. A few other tidyups and changes in that section also.

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