NZ CLUB MX5 LIST ARCHIVES - Details & Information

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NZ CLUB MX5 LIST ARCHIVES - Details & Information

Post by zorruno » Sun Apr 29, 2007 10:53 am

THE NZ LIST ARCHIVES ARE HERE! - Details & Information

The Archived email from Mazda MX5 Club of New Zealand's now closed email list has been imported to this forum.

Each full year and all emails are there, from 2000 when the list started (actually the first few months aren't imported yet as there were some problems, but we should be able to do this later), to the last emails of 2006. The forums are locked (so you can't post to them), but they are fully searchable like the rest of the forum.

Noter that there may be some anomalies with the import, and it is possible that a few emails couldn't be imported. There shouldn't be many though.

With a huge thanks to 'Simple'... (without whose pedantic-ness and scripting skills this would not be possible...) emails have been cleaned up, commercial signatures stripped, rubbish removed and more.

Note that there will still be the odd bit of rubbish and stuff in some emails (considering that there were around 16,664 emails to import), and there may be email blanks, items in the incorrect order and more problems. To fix this, we would like some volunteers to help with this final cleanup task. Please contact the Admin if you would like to help and you will be made a moderator for one or more of the years)

Remember that if you were ever on this old list and posted things like your name, email address, phone number etc in an email... it will likely now appear on this forum as it is on the club archive pages. If you find a forum that you want some personal items removed, take note of the forum page, and contact the forum moderator (of an Admin).

If there is any other information listed in these NZ List archive posts that you would like to suggest be removed, contact an Admin.

Also, note that if you used the same email address to post to the old list as you use on this forum, your user ID will nicely be linked to the old forum posts! Because of this, your post count may have gone up significantly... so in fairness to others (some of which have changed email address), from today's date ALL users will have a maximum of 100 posts in their post count. Think of it as a fair new start!

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