Welcome Back! New additions & changes, April 2007

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Black is the new black.
Black is the new black.
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Welcome Back! New additions & changes, April 2007

Post by zorruno » Tue Apr 03, 2007 2:54 pm

MAJOR NEW FEATURE! - Attachments
- OK, I finally submitted and decided that attachments are good.
- You can add pictures, vid clips and more to your posts.
- Users have limits to the size and number of attachments, and more regular contributors can get more space.
- Users can receive and send attachments by email! (See below)
- If you need more space for pics, ask an admin.

MAJOR NEW FEATURE! - The MX5 Members Garage
- Add your rides, add photos, describe all the modifications you have done (with vendor/price/photos if you like).
- List and rate vendors, and Garages/repair centres.
- List Insurance companies and the premiums you pay, so others can compare.
- List your dyno results!

- Give me Karma man... you can now give members some posive or negative feedback for their posts at a click of a button.
- This is considered a test feature at the moment, if it gets abused, it will be switched off.
See this announcement on Karma for more details.

- Added a bunch of new groups you can belong to
- Join an 'advocate group' such as Boosted, DIY, Motorsport to show what interests you with MX5ing.
- Also NZ & Chch financial member groups, local affiliate groups etc
- Your groups will now show up for others to see in your posts and profile as little icons.
- More groups will probably be added later.

UPDATED FEATURE! - Mail to Forum
- The email to forum (and forum to email) functionality is a lot more stable
- You can now send an attachment by email to a forum, and it will be nicely posted in the forum with your text! Or you can respond to posts with an attachment.
- Users who receive email can choose to receive any attachments that are posted or emailed as a full sized attachment, just a thumbnail, or just a link to the attachment on the forum thread! Great for all those minimalistic users who hate getting 2GB video attachments of members cats.
- Don't forget, if you liked the previous MX5 List discussions via email that were hosted by the MX5 Club of NZ, and don't like trawling through 'Web' discussions, this is the option to set.

- Members get stars, generally as they are more active in the community.
- Some members get different coloured stars.
- Ahhh. Pretty stars.

NEW FEATURE! - Statistics
- Do you like stats? Want to see who the top posters are? Most active topics? More?
- There are plenty of statistics on the new Stats page.

AT LAST! - Email Archives of NZ MX-5 Club posts
- They are here!
- All the archived emails from 2000 to 2006.
- See this announcement on the Archives for more details.

PLUS!- Layout Updates
- A number of layout changes including new header/photo/logo, tweaks to text, new navigation bar (changes depending on login/out status).
- Some changes to some icons.
- What's with that logo thing? It is a target, or something inside an MX5 - you decide. It is an identity that has nothing to do with the mazda/miata/roadster/mx-5 logos, which is what I wanted. Feel free to propose something better...!

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