Posts and topics magically increasing...(plus topic replies)

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Black is the new black.
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Posts and topics magically increasing...(plus topic replies)

Post by zorruno » Mon Jun 05, 2006 9:46 pm

Hi all

Some users may notice that their total posts have shot up! Also you may see the number of overall topics started was at around 500, and is now in the thousands.

Well... I'm doing as I said I would, and am working at getting all the previous archives of the NZ MX5 List into this forum layout. This is why the topics are rapidly increasing. I'm not sure when I'll finish it though, so don't hold your breath...

A side impact of me doing this this is that if:
a) your email address for the forum is the same as you used for the NZ List, and
b) your NZ MX5 Forum username is the same as the part of your email address in front of the '@', then...
...all the emails that are in the NZ List archives posted by you will increase your total post count.

This is on one hand good, as the imported emails show that you posted them (i.e. reference the correct forum user), but is bad as it is unfair on other users!

So, your post tally will increase for a while, but I'll be manually dropping back your total later, in the interests of fairness, and so as not to upset the space time continuum.

I've already contacted a few people privately about this too.

ADDITIONAL: if you have 'always notify me about replies' ticked on your user setup - you may get some notification replies when I upload old email that you had posted to the NZ MX5 List.


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