We have 100 Members - Thanks to Member #100, dino3

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Black is the new black.
Black is the new black.
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We have 100 Members - Thanks to Member #100, dino3

Post by zorruno » Sun May 28, 2006 9:37 pm

We now have more than 100 members!

Congratulations to Dean, from Nelson who is member number 100. I thought that was relatively significant, so I have opened up the MX5 Forum prize cupboard, and I have a limited release black and orange NC Mazda MX5 cap on its way to Dean.

Our 100th member, Dean is a cycle mechanic, and was apparently a silent watcher of the old NZ MX5 List for the last few years. Dean has TWO NA MX5's but tells me that it has been 2 months since his last drive... as he bike rides a lot due to the cost of fuel! (obviously being a cycle mechanic helps too...)

Nelson is obviously a great place to own an MX5, with great people and weather, and great local MX5 club organisation by the Allports. Dean has had the silver one nearly 3 years and just bought the red one. The red one was a tender for 'spare parts'... it apparently must have hit a bank at some stage but was too good to wreck, so has become another 'project' (to the horror of his wife)... He hopes to put a rotary engine in it when time permits... just to see how it goes. We look forward to that project!

Dean has owned a couple of RX3's, a Fiat 124 sport, a couple of bubble arch MK1 Escorts, a couple MK2 Sports, a MK2 GTE Cortina and a MK1 2dr Cortina!.

Thanks Dean for letting us know about your MX5s, and thanks again for being the 100th forum member.

PS all - don't forget to vote in the MX5 poll if you haven't already - Red is out in the lead still...

...and here is a pic of Dean's two MX5s:


Keep calm, Forum Moderator here.
Keep calm, Forum Moderator here.
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Post by DBM58 » Mon May 29, 2006 7:09 pm

And we also have our first member to achieve 100 posts. Or faithful leader, the great Zorruno, a webmaster as cunning as a really cunning thing.

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