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I count 5-s in my sleep
I count 5-s in my sleep
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Post by harlansmart » Fri Jun 21, 2013 6:18 pm


And the information is no longer of value to me.

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broomfish wrote:Did he give you a price ?

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Post by MrGrey » Fri Jun 21, 2013 8:20 pm

quite a few months back I went to 'Pacific Ford' here in Whangarei to price OEM parts (they are the local Mazda dealership... go figure) and they too said that most parts they would have to get shipped in from from japan.

OEM is silly expensive for what it is (in most cases) eg they quoted an OEM filter at $18 and brake pads at around the $100 mark each set. Just to be clear I was after run of the mill daily driver parts, not performance racing parts.

I did however get some hardtop screws through them because they were an uncommon thread pitch (the 2 screws that hold the covers of the frankenstien bolt thingy in place). As at the time all I could find that I knew was correct was the part number I ordered them through mazda and they sent the 2 screws over from japan at a whooping $4 per screw. I realize I should have gotten the thread size and pitch and gone down to EDL but I was impatient at the time. (you may note how amusingly ironic it is of me to be too impatient to research properly and then have to wait a week for a part to be shipped from overseas)

TL/DR : It is quite stupid that mazda don't seem to stock much in the way of MX5 spares considering how many of them there are out there. I hope your hunt for pads was successful Harlan

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