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See my 5 and raise you.
See my 5 and raise you.
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Flash Cash etc

Post by EricW » Wed Jan 14, 2004 10:50 pm

OK, so maybe it is a bit naive to suggest that the MX5 Club, on it's own, is
going to solve the problems of the World, but you have to start somewhere.

As Lew says, Politicians can be made nervous. The problem we have had, for as
long as I can remember, is that we don't make them nervous enough, and we
don't remind them who it is that pays their wages. They forget just who's
Country this is, and it ain't theirs!

This is a fault of the New Zealand psyche, we tend to knock off tall poppies
who make stands, and we hate getting together to make a stand.

This tends to encourage Politicians, they know we have a short attention span,
and if they do something outrageous, then, so long as they do something even
more outrageous next week, we will forget about it. They know that they really
have no opposition in Parliament and they know that they do not have to win an
election, they only have to avoid losing one. It does not matter which side of
the fence they are on, the practice is common to all sides.

They spend a lot of time telling us that the opposition has no policies/bad
policies, this prevents us from realising that we don't actually like theirs.

Well, in fact they do have an opposition, it is called, "The Man in the
Street" Party and we are all fully paid up members. We have a power which no
opposition ever has. We can vote the bastards out! There just has to be enough
of us who think that this is a good idea.

The one thing that they really hate to hear is "I will vote for anyone, so
long as it is not for you".

Now, like Al Quaeda, we don't actually have to do anything, we just have to
give them the idea that we might do something, then sit back and watch them go
to "Red Alert"

This is called "lobbying" and you do not want to be too big to do this. The
problem that an organisation like AA has is, that it is too big and too
nebulous, it represents too many people and too broad a range of opinion and,
to quote Lew again, it is too close to Government.

You cannot imagine the AA organising a vehicular blockade of Parliament, but
if we all decided this was a bright idea for the common good, (I hasten to
add that I don't advocate it), then we are small enough and tight enough that,
getting the 400 of us mobilised to pull it off, is not that hard.

We are also big enough that people will pay attention to us, if we make our
position known, you might find the 500 members of the Jaguar Car Club saying,
"Hey, those MX5 guys have a point here" A thousand people, in a common cause,
start to get noticed. That demographic spread puts us well outside the "Gay
Hairdresser/Looney Left" bracket.

So what I am saying here is that, while some of the above might seem extreme,
when enough people get their dander up over an issue, and act in concert over
it, then small acorns start to sprout, and we all know what happens to them!

We ought to try growing Oaks some time!



Bill Rehm

Flash Cash etc

Post by Bill Rehm » Thu Jan 15, 2004 6:47 am

Well said!


Flash Cash etc

Post by Keith » Thu Jan 15, 2004 8:20 am

Well said Eric and all true. Who's going to take the lead? An Aucklander?


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