Brake pad squealing (was Re: Front end suspension/steeering

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Brake pad squealing (was Re: Front end suspension/steeering

Post by mycarstuff » Sun Jan 11, 2004 1:38 am

I had always used a high temp grease (copper based i think) on both sides
of the anti squeal shim, you can still get this from repco, although it
seemed expensive last time i got some.. I think it's the same stuff u can
use on things like the exhaust manifold bolts (thou not 100% sure on that)
and also on the wheel studs.

however repco now sell a spray that u put on the back of the actual brake
pad. its called Disc Brake Quite and is by CRC (red and white can).

I am currently using Cobalt Friction GT-Sport Brake Pads (as the car is
used for motorsport stuff) which I am told squeal quite a bit, however
have not had any problem so far. I used the spray on the back of the pads
and put the anti squeal shims on without grease between the shim and the
pad or the shim and the piston.

Also as i get a lot of brake dust I use a wheel cleaner spray that not
only cleans the wheel it cleans up the caliper, rotor, backing plates and
pads, however it also seems to remove any grease that is on the shim
anyway, so the spray seems the way to go ATM.

also i still use the low pad indicators (squealers) and adjust them by
bending them so they give me lots of warning about low pad material.




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