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Unclassified RE: Vandalised

Post by KEMEYS GARETH, LAC » Fri Jan 09, 2004 9:49 am

First off, sorry to hear about the vandalism...

Second, Im sure that with my insurance company if its not my fault, i dont
lose my no claims or if this is one of the claim situations that you only
drop 10% , im with ami, and i am sure they reward customers who have been
60% for a long time by not removing all there hardwork, so why dont you ask
the insurance company and hey if they say no, you could try writing a
letter, im sure the threat of word of mouth may sway their policies in this
I really hope it goes well for you,and this kind of thing doesnt happen to
anyone else.

Bill Rehm

Unclassified RE: Vandalised

Post by Bill Rehm » Fri Jan 09, 2004 10:08 am

Thanks mate, I suspect that SIS isn't that altruistic. Insurance Co.
look for any excuse to increase premiums.

See my 5 and raise you.
See my 5 and raise you.
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Unclassified RE: Vandalised

Post by EricW » Fri Jan 09, 2004 4:19 pm


Sorry to hear about the vandalism, I really do not understand why anyone
would get a thrill from doing this to another person's property, they do not
even hang around for a reaction, just spoil and move on, like the cowards
they are.

The fact that it is serious, and anonymous, actually makes it even more
frightening and it is about time the police treated it at or near the same
level as home invasion, which, to an extent, it is.

One use for our club and list might be to inform our members of those
insurance companies which do not stick to their side of the bargain on a
matter like this. There is no reason at all why they should cancel all of a
"no claim bonus" for a single "no fault" claim, particularly when someone is
at a 60% level, indicating a long history of loyalty and careful driving.

They will have made quite enough profit from your policy and should accept,
as they well know, that sometimes "shit happens". You do not kick your good
clients when they are down. They should be made well aware of the number of
people who might get to hear about that!

Another use for our club might well be to deliver a large number of
responsible and careful clients to companies which are prepared to do the
right deal, on the right terms, for our members. After all, the mere fact
that we think enough of our cars to belong to the club should indicate to a
potential insurer that we are not about to abuse them.

There are probably many companies who could use potentially 400 new clients,
most of us with more than one car. Let's try and find some

Hope it all comes out OK Bill



Bill Rehm

Unclassified RE: Vandalised

Post by Bill Rehm » Fri Jan 09, 2004 8:34 pm

Thanks for your response. Some time ago I proposed that members unite
and use their combined influence to attempt to secure some mutually
beneficial benefits from an insurance perspective for all members on the
list or in the club.

In typical "all talk no walk" Kiwi fashion no one was prepared to
commit. Maybe it's time this list and club moved beyond just advice and
leverage its numbers to do something really constructive for all
concerned. 400 (or what ever) votes for a political party in this
country is a sizeable number.

Unfortunately I suspect that the general membership will be impotent and
rather "talk" rather than "walk". Of course my personal views are
skewed: I come from a place where we dumped tea in a harbour rather than
be subjected to the kind of BS we have grown accustomed to accepting
here -- and admittedly the same from where I come from --- though the
recall of a Governour is a first step to renewed awareness translated
into action -- even if it meant voting for a "terminator" :)


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