diagnostic fault codes

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Hey. They are NOT Training wheels.
Hey.  They are NOT Training wheels.
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diagnostic fault codes

Post by polarbear » Tue Sep 27, 2016 6:51 pm

Hi all, New mx5 owner here. hoping someone can shed some light on my little dilemma. Ive been experiencing Idle droop since i bought my car (about 3 weeks) so thought id set about trying to fix it myself via methods mentioned in the threads. But thought before i go out and buy a can of this and a can of that to clean every thing id try and read the ECU diagnostic fault codes to see if the car could tell me whats up. Armed with my trusty paperclip bridging theTEN/GND ports i had soldered up an LED to plug into the FEN and +B ports as id also read on the forums, turned the ignition on and........Nothing, no flashing LED giving me the feedback i craved, so after turning the ignition off and switching round the LED to make sure i hadn't put it in backwards, feeling deflated i took out the bridge and hey presto the LED lights up! so i know thats not faulty. sorry for the long winded question but, does this mean (A) i have no fault (B) i somehow have to activate something else to be able to read them or (C) i have no bloody idea? cheers in advance, any help appreciated

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